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  • Ash Kickin’ Honey Chipotle Seasoning
    Honey Chipotle BBQ rub is a perfect balance of all things BBQ. Sweet, savory, and the perfect amount of heat! Use on chicken, ribs, pork, turkey or any protein for a sweet-heat flavor profile. The blend also adds a fantastic red color! Made by Darrin Williams, head cook of Ash Kickin’ BBQ competition team from Minnesota. Whether you’re competing or backyard grilling, this rub is guaranteed to make your next BBQ KICK ASH!

    Flavor Profile: Sweet Honey, Paprika and Chipotle

    Heat Level: Medium (chipotle)

    Use on: Pork, chicken

    Ingredients: Salt, brown sugar, sugar, honey powder, paprika, onion, garlic, chipotle pepper, raw sugar, black pepper, mustard seed, Worcestershire powder, celery seed, and silica

    – No MSG
    – Gluten-Free

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  • Full-Flavored and Spicy

    Take your chicken wings to a whole ‘nutha level with SuckleBusters BBQ Chicken Wing Seasoning! This is a full-flavored and savory seasoning with a medium level of heat from cayenne and black peppers. This seasoning is perfect for grilling any type of chicken and our chicken wing recipe is included on the label. Just sprinkle it on and grill your wings, add your favorite sauce and serve. All-natural, no MSG and gluten-free. Enjoy!

    Flavor profile: Full flavored and savory

    Heat Level: Medium (cayenne pepper)

    Use on: Chicken and turkey

    Ingredients: Sea salt, brown sugar, black pepper, paprika, chile peppers, garlic, onion, spices, and silica (less than 2% to prevent caking)

    – No MSG
    – Naturally Gluten-Free

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  • Traditional chile pepper, garlic and black pepper

    This is a new Recipe in 2016 and is a spicy recipe with salt, black pepper, garlic and chile powder. It is a very traditional flavored seasoning from Texas. It is excellent for grilling beef, chicken, seafood pork or any meat and gives the meat and extra layer of Tex-Mex (chile and cumin) flavor and is recommended for grilling fajita meat. It will also give the meat a beautiful red color when grilling. Our award winning recipe is on the label. The quick and easy recipe is will serve about 2 lbs of fajitas. All-Natural, No MSG and Gluten Free. Enjoy!

    Flavor Profile: Traditional Tex-Mex

    Heat Level: Medium to Hot (black pepper and chile pepper)

    Use on: Beef and chicken.

    Ingredients: Sea salt, black pepper, garlic, chile pepper, paprika, sugar, cumin, onion, silica & spices. NO MSG. Naturally Gluten Free.

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  • Super-Hot SPG
    This is a premium blend of two types of salt, pepper & garlic. It is amplified with a generous portion of habanero pepper. Warning – this seasoning is HOT! The flavor is simple, delicious and works well on any type of meat or veggie. Beware and Enjoy!
    Flavor Profile: Salt, black pepper, garlic, and habanero

    Heat Level: Hot

    Use on: Beef, pork, chicken, lamb and fish.

    Ingredients: Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Turbinado Sugar, Jalapeno Powder, Habanero, Paprika, Spices, and Silica. NO MSG. Naturally Gluten Free.



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  • Take your chicken or poultry to new heights with Blues Hog High Flyin’ Chicken Seasoning. We’re rufflin’ feathers with how good this one tastes! are you ready for the best bird ever?! Don’t be a chicken, it’s time for poultry power!

    Best seasoning for fish, seafood and poultry!

    Blues Hog gourmet dry rub seasonings are made of all natural, high-quality ingredients.

    6 oz

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  • Blues Hog Truffle & Chop seasoning is bold and savory with an added depth of fresh truffle. Bring the elegance of gourmet dining to your cook. Not your mommy’s umami…Truffle up!

    Best seasoning for vegetables, burgers, ribs, poultry, steak and popcorn!

    Blues Hog gourmet dry rub seasonings are made of all natural, high-quality ingredients.

    6 oz

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