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  • Available in-store only

    Disposable cutting boards are ideal for one-time use at home, camping, or commercial fast and easy clean-up. ¬†Water-resistant for containing spills and liquids while keeping foodborne bacteria from spreading. Plus they’re safe for electric and chef knives.

    • 18″x24″ size
    • 30 count box
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  • Available in-store only

    This pink butcher paper (also known as Peach Paper) is the ideal product for smoking and wrapping any meat including those giant beef ribs and for any barbecue restaurant, deli, or grocery store. It has a porous surface that allows smoke and heat to penetrate it, while it enhances the flavor of your meat. Plus, wrapping your barbecued food during the cooking and after it is finished cooking helps seals the moisture inside and keep that tasty bark you worked so hard perfecting.

    • 24″ wide / 150 foot long
    • FDA approved
    • Comes with inner core feet for paper cutter
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