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BBQ Beginner Kit


Not sure where to begin?  We did the work for you.  The Beginner BBQ Kit includes a combination of sauces and seasonings that go perfect on a variety of meats and veggies.

What’s in the box:

Heath Riles Tangy BBQ Sauce: Heath Riles BBQ Tangy Vinegar BBQ Sauce has a true thick vinegar taste and just the right amount of tanginess. 18 oz

Heath Riles Sweet BBQ Sauve: It’s the perfect balance of brown sugar, ketchup, salt, pepper, garlic, and fruitiness. Mix it with Heath’s Tangy Sauce for the perfect winning combination! 18 oz

Hav’n A BBQ Alpha Rub: A very flavorful seasoning that balances sweet, heat, savory, and salt. Alpha rub is used on all of BBQ Bob’s competition and catering foods. It creates a beautiful mahogany-colored bark on the meat as it cooks and gives you that wonderful and traditional BBQ flavor. 11 oz

Hav’n A BBQ 7 Bones: This rub has been carefully blended and balanced for beef with simple, but bold and intense flavors. It also has a low sugar content! 11 oz

Our kits make excellent gift boxes!  Kits come in a sleek Michigan BBQ Supply box and include a gift message.

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BBQ Bobs HavenaBBQ


BBQ Bob’s Hav’n A BBQ

The company is owned and operated by Tammy and Bob Trudnak (Champion Pitmaster). Hav'n A BBQ provides quality barbeque to for backyard parties, graduations, birthdays, business luncheons, picnics, etc. BBQ Bob also offers cooking classes. Email havenabbq@gmail.com for class info!
BBQ Bobs HavenaBBQ

Health Riles BBQ

Over the years, Heath has not only established himself as a master of the cooking styles of both of the two principle sponsoring bodies in the industry – the Memphis BBQ Network (MBN) and the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) – but also a master of the winning style favored by the Steak Cook-Off Association (SCA).

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