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BBQ Bob’s Hav’n A BBQ 7 Bones


No ‘low n’ slow’ BBQ is complete without the perfect dry rub. 7Bones Beef rub is BBQ Bob’s latest rub and was developed for all of his competition briskets. This rub has been carefully blended and balanced for beef with simple, but bold and intense flavors. It has a low sugar content and can stand up to high heat grilling for use on steaks, burgers and wild game meats as well as chili and stew.


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BBQ Bobs HavenaBBQ


BBQ Bob’s Hav’n A BBQ

The company is owned and operated by Tammy and Bob Trudnak (Champion Pitmaster). Hav'n A BBQ provides quality barbeque to for backyard parties, graduations, birthdays, business luncheons, picnics, etc. BBQ Bob also offers cooking classes. Email havenabbq@gmail.com for class info!
BBQ Bobs HavenaBBQ