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Blues Hog Tennessee Red BBQ Sauce – Squeeze Bottle


Blues Hogs Tennessee Red Sauce is a vinegar/pepper-based sauce that can be found in “barbecue joints” down in the South. This vinegar sauce adds such a great boost of flavor to all food with a side of zesty attitude.

Tennessee Red Sauce has a vinegary spice and sweet taste that makes it irresistible on pork or beef sandwiches, chicken, and it’s exceptional on pulled pork. This Tennessee sauce is great for marinating chicken or using it as a mopping sauce on the grill; you can even use this vinegar sauce on side dishes like baked beans for extra flavor. Blues Hog Tennessee Red Sauce makes an excellent table topper for its versatility to go great on any dish.

Gluten Free

25oz Squeeze Bottle

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Blues Hog

Created by legendary pitmaster Bill Arnold, Blues Hog products are used by competition teams and top chefs around the world!
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