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Hunting Camp Kit


The Hunting Camp BBQ Kit includes all the ingredients you’ll need at camp this year!  Each seasoning included adds its own level of flavor.  Try one or try them all on your game and you won’t be disappointed.

What’s in the box:

Boars Night Out Double Garlic Butter: Boars Night Out White Lightning with Double Garlic Butter has double the garlic and dried butter buds. rings out the best flavors of pork, beef, chicken, fish and even veggies. 12.2 oz

Cornhusker Duck Fat Cooking Spray:  It’s great for searing meat, fish, shellfish, and stocks. It can make chicken flavorful and crispy even without frying it. It also works for making puffy, golden, and tender pastries. 7 oz

Dizzy Pig Game On: A jar of Game On! is bound to inspire a hunt or at least a trip to the butcher for specialty game. Dizzy Pig’s medium-heat rub was specifically formulated to offer complete flavoring for game meat, without the need for long marination time. 6.2 oz

Dizzy Pig Raging River: Perhaps the best seasoning in the world for salmon, Raging River has a zingy real maple sugar taste guaranteed to enhance a fresh catch. 7.9 oz

SuckleBusters Sriracha: Texas Heat Sriracha Pepper Sauce has an excellent blend of red jalapeno pepper and spices for a smooth, slightly sweet and spicy sauce.

Our BBQ kits make excellent gift boxes!  Kits come in a sleek Michigan BBQ Supply box and include a gift message.

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Cornhusker KitchenDizzy Pig


Boars Night Out


Cornhusker Kitchen

Dizzy Pig

Dizzy Pig


SuckleBusters has been making award-winning BBQ Rubs and Sauces since 2006. Start with SuckleBusters at your next BBQ and your crowd will be begging for more!

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