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Jalapeno Infused Sea Salt


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The Jalapeno Hot Peppers are Organically grown on the Michigan farm and harvested weekly throughout the growing season. Once harvested they are washed, dehydrated, ground, jarred, labeled, and sealed to ensure the freshest product. An extra step of infusing the ground Jalapeno’s with a high quality Sea Salt is taken prior to being jarred. Jalapenos are rated between 2500 and 8000 on the Scoville Heat Scale.

2oz jars.

Farm to Table

Hot Pepper & Honey Farm

All  products are processed and packaged in a State of Michigan

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Majer Family Farms

Majer Family Farms, operated by Chris Majer and his family, was started 3 years ago with the goal of showing his sons what’s possible when you work hard and put your mind to something.

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