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Rib Starter Kit


Take the guessing out of cooking ribs with our rib starter kit. We’ve married the best rib seasonings and coupled them with the finest finishing touches so that you’re at ease making the ultimate ribs.

What’s in the box:

Heath Riles Everyday Rub: Everyday Rub adds flavor to everything!  Use as a base layer or sprinkle on fries, steak, chicken, pork, sandwiches, sauce, vegetables, and more! 16 oz

Heath Riles Honey Chipotle: A sweet honey rub with a kick of Chipolte that gives a golden color a little touch of spicy honey sweetness you would expect. 16oz

BBQ Bob’s Original Sauce: This BBQ sauce is a great balance of sweet and tangy with the presence of fresh herbs, spices and a slight vinegar finish. 19.2oz

BBQ Bob’s Peaches and Brown Sugar Sauce: Peaches & brown sugar sauce was inspired by baby back ribs. BBQ Bob Trudnak was looking for a flavor profile that incorporated the sweetness of peach nectar and brown sugar that was balanced by vinegar and a hint of cayenne. This sauce is well balanced and is great on ribs, chops, all cuts of chicken and so much more! 19.2 oz

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BBQ Bobs HavenaBBQ


BBQ Bob’s Hav’n A BBQ

The company is owned and operated by Tammy and Bob Trudnak (Champion Pitmaster). Hav'n A BBQ provides quality barbeque to for backyard parties, graduations, birthdays, business luncheons, picnics, etc. BBQ Bob also offers cooking classes. Email havenabbq@gmail.com for class info!
BBQ Bobs HavenaBBQ

Health Riles BBQ

Over the years, Heath has not only established himself as a master of the cooking styles of both of the two principle sponsoring bodies in the industry – the Memphis BBQ Network (MBN) and the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) – but also a master of the winning style favored by the Steak Cook-Off Association (SCA).

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