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Turkey Kit


The Turkey Kit has the essentials you need to make the the perfect Thanksgiving Day Turkey. This kit is also fantastic with oven roasted whole chicken, wild game birds and so much more…

Cornhusker Duck Fat Cooking Spray:  It’s great for searing meat, fish, shellfish, and stocks. It can make chicken flavorful and crispy even without frying it. It also works for making puffy, golden, and tender pastries. 7 oz

Dizzy Pig Mad Max Turkey:  Give holiday meals the kick they need, jazz up your gravy and stuffing, and celebrate in style with the most wonderful spice rub of the year. This year is the year you cook that perfect Thanksgiving turkey, so don’t wait. But don’t worry: If you don’t use it all on your birds, you can add it to chicken and pork all year round. 7.9 oz

Meat Church Bird Brine: Meat Church Bird Bath Brine adds moisture and flavor to all your poultry. This is all you need to deliver a moist and juicy turkey. However, feel free to add whole black peppercorns, citrus slices or any herbs that you want to kick the flavor up to your liking.

Our BBQ kits make excellent gift boxes!  Kits come in a sleek Michigan BBQ Supply box and include a gift message.

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Cornhusker Kitchen

Dizzy Pig

Dizzy Pig

Meat Church

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