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  • With a name like Wild Cherry, it should be a given this is made for those with a sweet tooth, even in their grilling! The sweet cherry flavor that melts into your food will be addictive. We feel this rub works best with grilling and smoking.
    For our Competition Seasonings we have chosen the best quality ingredients we could. To ensure the finest taste, we require these to be hand blended in small batch productions. These seasonings will work with anything you cook including seafood, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, and wild game. Comes in 16oz.

    • Made in peanut free facility
    • Proudly Made in America
    • World Food Championship winner
    • Resealable package
    • Dual lid for either pouring or shaking
    • Melts right into the meat-So sprinkle and cook
    • Gluten Free
    • MSG Free
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  • Unlike most rubs on the market, Butcher BBQ Honey Rub has a sweet honey taste that allows the flavors to soak deep into the meat before cooking. The flavor infuses into the meat which allows you to slow smoke or fast grill without burning like you would get from using real honey. Designed for chicken and ribs but great on anything.

    Butcher BBQ has chosen the best quality ingredients to ensure the finest taste and hand-blends in small batch productions. These seasonings will work with anything you cook, including seafood, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken and wild game.

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  • Created by a Champion Pit Master & Proudly Made in the USA, This Brisket Injection Takes Your Smoked Beef Brisket to New Levels of Luscious Flavor & Juicy Tenderness.

    Rubs can help, but they only season the surface. How can you flavor & tenderize your entire brisket for that mouthwatering Texas-style taste.

    16 oz
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    • Injecting chicken will instantly giving you moisture and flavor deep in without all the mess you get with soaking. The Original Flavor Bird Booster has the richest chicken base flavor you can find. Along with the perfect amount of butter, this can be used for your every day cook or your holiday meal.Bird Booster Chicken Injection is the best injection on the market and comes with a free scoop in every jar. Bird Booster Injection was used to win their 1st World Food Barbeque Championships. Injecting chicken is an easier way to get a deep natural flavor and moisture within the meat, without the mess of soaking in a brine. Pinpoint flavor right where the judges taste it. It also helps against over cooking small pieces where the window of over-doneness and drying starts. It has been able to get you all the moistness and flavor in a bag that anyone can use.
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  • Available in-store only

    Disposable cutting boards are ideal for one-time use at home, camping, or commercial fast and easy clean-up.  Water-resistant for containing spills and liquids while keeping foodborne bacteria from spreading. Plus they’re safe for electric and chef knives.

    • 18″x24″ size
    • 30 count box
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  • This professional grade twine is made for Chefs and Butchers. Made from food safe materials that are safe for use in ovens while keeping it away from open flames. Use this for tying any roast, sausage casings and making the perfect rounded SCA Steak.

    • Over 385 feet long
    • #24 gauge thick
    • Use for Trussing poultry
    • Forming a Crown Roast
    • Great for practicing the Art of Charcuterie
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    This mixing container allows the injection to be mixed with a few easy shakes. Comes with a measuring scale printed on the bottle. Easy to clean and easy to store. The lid may vary in color, either red or white
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  • Butcher BBQ Premium BBQ Gloves are made of a high temperature resistance material that can withstand extreme temperatures up to 932℉ (500℃). Aramid fiber can slow the rise of temperature when handling hot items effectively, withstand a massive 932F for up to 15 seconds. Easy on and easy off, the cotton on the inside guarantee a comfortable user experience. The unique design and structure makes the gloves enough air circulation so your hands won’t sweat in the summer or during high heat grilling. The silicone grips on both side of the gloves is anti-skidding effectively, you can handle a wide range of items without fear of dropping them. The glove jars are elastic and the length is longer than normal ones so that your forearm can be protected comprehensively. Perfect for grilling, smoking, cooking, baking or handling super hot items in the kitchen and outdoors.

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  • Available in-store only

    This pink butcher paper (also known as Peach Paper) is the ideal product for smoking and wrapping any meat including those giant beef ribs and for any barbecue restaurant, deli, or grocery store. It has a porous surface that allows smoke and heat to penetrate it, while it enhances the flavor of your meat. Plus, wrapping your barbecued food during the cooking and after it is finished cooking helps seals the moisture inside and keep that tasty bark you worked so hard perfecting.

    • 24″ wide / 150 foot long
    • FDA approved
    • Comes with inner core feet for paper cutter
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    • Comes with 2 inch needle
    • Needle has side hole for injecting
    • Washable with warm soapy water
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