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  • Hotty Totty BBQ 38 Special blend is designed as another layer of flavor for steaks to help add the flavor of pepper and additional color to beef and pork. Hotty Totty BBQ experimented with several different blends before they created and bottled the 38 Special select blend.  Hotty Totty BBQ 38 Special is excellent anyything you want to impart the flavor of salt, pepper and add some color to. 38 Special when used with Climax AP and Bovine Delight will help improve your SCA Competition Steak game, or wow family and friends.

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  • Hotty Totty Rib Rub was created specially for its namesake “RIBS”.  Hotty Totty BBQ Crew wanted a flavor profile for pork with a sweet taste and a hit of heat on the back end.   This special blend has helped Hotty Totty BBQ earn numerous first places and top 10 Rib Calls and several perfect 180.  Hotty Totty BBQ Crew secret is that they actually sprinkle a little rub into melted butter and brush on steak right before SCA Competition turn in.
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  • Sweet Southern Shine BBQ Sauce is a selected blend of spices that creates a very unique taste unlike other BBQ sauces. Try it you will not be disappointed
    Contains : Fish Anchovies
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  • Hotty Totty BBQ Climax XX BAM is a blend of several spices tp create the next version of the Climax line of seasonings. Climax XX works well with any protien or veggie, even pasta and popcorn. If you like a little kick of spice, this is your ticket. 
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  • Hotty Totty BBQ Climax AP is designed to be a unique all-purpose blend for competing on the Steak Cookoff Association circuit. We were blending many different spices to achieve the flavor that was a complement to steak. Climax AP is a blend that provide so much flavor on a steak that there is no need for steak sauce! Climax AP has taken 1st place at steak competitions and is also the perfect base for ribs, pork butt, shoulder and chicken. Use Climax AP as a base, and layer on the flavor with our other Hotty Totty products, your favorite rubs or allow Climax AP to stand on its own with the distinct hint of butter flavor it will compliment veggies, and just about anything you sprinkle it on.
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