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  • Premium soluble brine for BBQ meats. Just a quick two-hour soak and you will have flavor from the skin to the bone.

    2 Lb.

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  • Smoky Okie’s 180 Brisket injection is the new kid on the block, nobody else has anything like it.  Not only does it have actual water-soluble seared beef in it, but a flavor package that is off the hook.

    Get some now and see how it kicks up your brisket texture and flavor and helps it hold moisture!

    1 Lb.

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  • Turn your BBQ efforts into a championship grade work of art that is pretty delicious! Sweet, smoky, tangy and delicious with just the right amount of back end heat. This will be the last rib rub you ever need. Tastes great on rib, pork, and chicken!

    Contains no preservatives

    12 oz

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  • This is a gamble that always pays off, Winnnnnnner!

    Do you find yourself using the same seasonings and sauces all of the time and want to treat yourself to something different?  Are you seeking a gift for someone and can’t decide what to purchase?  This gift box is perfect for all occasions…Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, Apologies, Weddings, Christmas, Thank you or Just because.

    What’s in the box:

    This box is guaranteed to have two different seasonings and two different sauces, we will mix it up with every order.  The box will be packed in a sleek black Michigan BBQ Supply Box,, black tissue paper and a sticker. The seasoning will last year average back griller and entire summer.

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