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  • In 2020, in the midst of a global shutdown, two out-of-work professional fishermen with nothing but time started playing with a 100-year-old family Worcestershire recipe. The original recipe was handwritten and tattered, ingredients were crossed out and changed for generations. Truly America’s Worcestershire. We just call it “W Sauce”.

    After a year of sharing Bear & Burton’s W Sauce® and Fireshire® with people all over the country, we regularly heard the same thing from some customers “I can’t have Worcestershire because I’m allergic to fish.” Immediately we knew we had to do something, so we created Veganshire®. The same great taste, but with no fish. Vegans need flavor too! Introducing, Vegan Worcestershire – we just call it “Veganshire”.

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  • Breakfast Sauce Too is a “Verde” version of our world renowned Breakfast Sauce.

    It has perfectly balanced flavors of Florida-grown, mild Datil peppers, tomatillos, pears and spices. It will turn any meal into an explosion of flavors that will change the way you eat forever.

    It’s so good you’ll want breakfast for every meal!

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