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  • All Q’ued up Steak Shake is soon to become the standard seasoning for all your cooks. The well balanced flavor profile is versatile enough to be used on everything you cook. This top secret blend of spices helps John Lindsey be the Nationally Ranked Grand Champion Grillmaster on the SCA Steak competition trail. Steak Shake works wonders on all of your cuts of steak, and is a great base layer for pork, chicken, and your favorite veggies. Bold enough to be used alone, and versatile enough to become in combination with your favorite rubs. Shake it on and taste the magic today!.

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  • All Q’ued Up “GO-TO” BBQ Seasoning brings that Old School BBQ flavor, with it’s unique blend of sweet, savory and smoky notes with just the just the right amount of back end heat. Suggested for pork, beef, chicken, fish and vegetables, alike, this one a an all purpose classic rub. Pair it with the All Q’ued Up Steak Shake AP Rub and John Lindsey has created a flavor profile perfect storm for any competition or backyard cook. They call it the “GO-TO” BBQ Rub as you will be reaching for it everytime you fire up the grill or smoker.

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  • All Q’Ued Up Big Red Beef Rub is the Award Winning beef seasoning that has a proven track record of winning on the KCBS competition brisket circuit. Between the complex flavors and the color that Big Red produces make this rub a flavor profile that will rise above the crowd everytime. Layer Big Red Beef Rub with a base of the All Q’ued Up Steak Shake to create the the “Q’ued Up Combo.” This combination of rubs has brought up many Top 10 finishes for John Lindsey and the All Q’ued up team on the competition circuit than we they would like to admit.

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  • All Q’ued Rockin’ Rooster Chicken seasoning rub is the secret weapon created by John Lindsey of the All Q’ued Up Competition Team for competitions and home cooking. Rockin’ Rooster was designed to compliment poultry and all of the wins on the competition circuit are proof that the flavor is something special. All Q’ued Rockin’ Rooster Chicken is a “magic” seasoning with a slight hint of pepper and a touch of sweet and just the right amount of supporting herbs and spices to create a uniquely balanced chicken seasoning. All Q’ued Rockin’ Rooster Chicken will please the judges at competitions or your dinner table. We know that the entire All Q’ued Up “Rockin’ Rooster” is going to take your chicken to rockin levels.

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  • All Q’ued Up! Bayou Bandit blends the flavors of cajun and creole spice to transport you southbound. Bayou Bandit is a cajun seasoning, but it is ideal as an all purpose seasoning for eggs, veggies, seafood and all your favorite meats! It’s called the Bayou Bandit because it will steal the show on anything you sprinkel it on!

    Ingredients: Salt, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Paprika, Garlic, Onion, Lemon Pepper, Black Pepper, Cayenne, Oregano, White Pepper, Spices

    NO MSG

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