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All Q’ued Up – Rockin’ Rooster Chicken Rub


All Q’ued Rockin’ Rooster Chicken seasoning rub is the secret weapon created by John Lindsey of the All Q’ued Up Competition Team for competitions and home cooking. Rockin’ Rooster was designed to compliment poultry and all of the wins on the competition circuit are proof that the flavor is something special. All Q’ued Rockin’ Rooster Chicken is a “magic” seasoning with a slight hint of pepper and a touch of sweet and just the right amount of supporting herbs and spices to create a uniquely balanced chicken seasoning. All Q’ued Rockin’ Rooster Chicken will please the judges at competitions or your dinner table. We know that the entire All Q’ued Up “Rockin’ Rooster” is going to take your chicken to rockin levels.

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All Q'ued Up